The JOSE GOURMET collection

Exclusively in Ireland, – PREMIUM  Tins by Jose Gourmet, Portugal.  We love those tins for their designs, but they all taste seriously good as well.  Jose Gourmet select their tins from the best Artisan Canneries in Portugal, Spain and Galicia.

  • Sardines in OO  with lemon, –  Spiced Calamari in ragout sauce, – Small Sardines in EVOO, – Tuna fillets in OO, – Sardines in EVOO, – Smoked small Sardines in EVOO, – Fried Mussels in Marinade, – Sardines in Tomato sauce, – Spiced small Sardines, – Small Mackerel in OO, – Octopus in OO with Garlic,-  Mackerel Roe in OO

OO = Olive oil  – EVOO = Extra virgin Olive Oil

12 tins by Jose Gourmet
One pack costs: €80.00
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  • Ingredients:

    Check individual tins recipe for possible traces of Allergens

    • Sustainability:
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      North East Atlantic
    Fishmongers Tip:

    The precise content of this set may vary according to stock