Snail Meat Jar

Picked Snails in brine, ready to cook. Turf or Surf.

The finest Escargot on the market. From the Award winning Exclusive Escargot.

Where you can find our Escargot featured on menus in Michelin Star restaurants and hotels.

Our 500g jar has 6 servings of 12 snails per plate. We have all the work done on our side, so for your ease all that needs doing is to cook for 10-15 minutes with whichever recipe you desire.

500g Jar (Drained 180g) Exclusive Escargot
One pack costs: €20.00

Cooked Snails, Water, Salt

  • Sustainability:
    Latin name:Helix asperga
  • Catch area / Method of capture:
    Ireland, Tuam, Co.Galway, Processed in Greece