Shrimp Rouille (Sauce for Soup)

Ingredients: Water, tomato paste, peeled shrimp 10%, garlic 7.8%, sunflower oil, onion, butter, processed corn starch, olive oil 2.5%, hot pepper 1.6%, spices and aromatic plants , salt, milk protein, thickener: carrageenan.

Treat yourself to our new rusty shrimp sauce that will enhance the taste of all your soups, soups and fish supremes. This essential with marine flavor will accompany your winter meals to perfection!

Soft and creamy, this traditional rouille sauce recipe is revisited with the addition of shrimp to keep the good taste of the sea. This combination gives you a slightly spicy note enhanced with a touch of cumin. To be enjoyed as an accompaniment to your soups and fish soups or as a spread on seaweed croutons for a complete meal, ready in a few minutes.

50g Jar Pointe de Penmarch
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