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(-65 ) Akami Blue fin Tuna ( Super frozen )
€40.00 / Kg

Irish Caught Blue fin Tuna, Sashimi grade,  super frozen  and stored at -65 degree in a special “Cryogenic” Ultra freezer.

Despite their year round presence in Irish territorial water, Wild Irish Tuna are only available to us for an extremely short time. They can only be landed in strict condition as a bycatch of Albacore Tuna or Mackerel. (A shame and a moment of reflection on how well… our Irish fisheries representative are doing at the EU fisheries negotiation table… Boooooooooooooooh ). Even more shameful when hearing that Tuna caught off Ireland are recognized as one of the best quality Tuna in the world in places as far as Japan… Irish Tuna is appreciated for its great Umami flavour, thanks to their unique mixed diet of fish, crustaceans and more importantly… SQUIDS which impart a “sweet” flavour to the fat

Every winter, Japanese Tuna long liners are catching Blue fin off the coast of Ireland, freezing there catch at extremely low temperature  ( -65 ) before being shipped back to Tokyo…   Freezing Tuna in a regular  -20 freezer is only recommended for a short period of time as its redness shortly turns dark brown due to the oxidization of the hemoglobin.  Super-freezing Tuna was developed in Japan in the 70’s, this is where we first discovered this method, not too long before investing in our own super freezer . We are still the only fishmonger in Ireland, equipped with such specialized (and expensive ) equipment allowing us to offer Irish Blue fin Tuna to our customers, almost all year round… Our own appetite and appreciation for Sushi knows no limits…  Oishii


Av: 500 g (2-3pieces)
One pack costs: €20.00
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    • Sustainability:
      Latin name:Thunnus thynnus
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      Ireland , Trawl caught