BBQ Cooking OYSTER per kg (5-6 pieces)

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Not all Oysters are the same, some grow quicker & bigger. Bid lads might be too much of a mouthful to serve and enjoy in their raw form but they are perfect for cooking and grilling.

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FLAVOUR: Salty, Sweet

TEXTURE: Meaty & Juicy

ORIGIN: Farmed in Galway Bay, along the Connemara Coast or Mayo.

SUSTAINABILITY: Eat More (more info)

COOK IT: Can be grilled, poached, or even deep fried, but best eaten raw!

STORAGE: up to 4 days, Top up at the bottom of your fridge. Not suitable for home freezing unless shucked…

One pack costs: 6.50

Sold per kg VERY large COOKING Oysters av 120-150 gr each
Fish come in all shapes and sizes, your portion weight may vary within -/+ 10% of the above listed weight. Never less, usually more!

Live Product: These are live creatures so remove from packaging ASAP, and treat with due care. Check our Storing page for info.