Praire Clams LIVE

Venus verrucosa

From the French, Praire is the common culinary name for this clam specie also known as Rough Shell Clam. Delicious but only harvested during equinox spring times in Connemara.

FLAVOUR:Salty and Sweet TEXTURE: Firm and Meaty

ORIGIN: Galway bay, hand gathered.

SUSTAINABILITY: Eat Moderately (more info)

COOK IT: Enjoy raw or gently steamed open.

STORAGE: Live: up to 2 days.


Price per KG: 20.00

One pack costs: 10.00

Blue moon Special.... 500 gr Rough Shell clams or Praire .
Fish come in all shapes and sizes, your portion weight may vary within -/+ 10% of the above listed weight. Never less, usually more!

These are live creatures so remove from packaging ASAP, and treat with due care. Check our Storing page for info.

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