Flavour Pearls Vinegar & Shallots for Oysters – LE TENNIER

Perles de Saveurs® Balsamic Vinegar are small gelled spheres (alginate film: seaweed derivative) containing an astonishing liquid core. They will bring a magical touch to your summer salads, mozzarella tomatoes and other raw vegetables… and will give you a surprising explosion of flavors in the mouth!

50g Jar Christine Le Tennier
One pack costs: €6.50

Red wine vinegar 69% (red wine vinegar (SULPHITES), preservative: SODIUM BISULPHITE E222), water, natural flavoring 0.7%, thickener: cellulose gum, gelling agents: calcium chloride and sodium alginate, shallot powder 0.16% Allergens: SULPHITES AND DERIVATIVES

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    Made in France