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OTORO Fatty Bluefin TUNA
€83.00 / Kg

The Holy grail of Sushi dinning.. Otoro or fatty belly is the most expensive, most thought after part of the Tuna. It’s rich fat content convey the Umami flavour… Oishii…

Under EU regulations, Wild fish must be frozen before being consumed raw.  Our sashimi grade Blue fin Tuna is ultra frozen at extreme low temperature to preserve its colors and texture.

Vac pack: 250 -300 g
One pack costs: €23.00
  • Sustainability:
    Latin name:Thunnus thynnus
  • Catch area / Method of capture:
    ALmadraba traps, Southern Spain. C
  • Cooking methods: Sushi is the obvious. , but Tuna belly is also great
Fishmongers Tip:

Invest into a blow torch, and last minute scorch the fattiest part of the tuna belly