Are we talking about OFFAL TINS ????  …. Not kidding…

Cod, Monk livers &  fish roes are in many countries more valuable that the fish they come from…  Preparing & Cooking them from fresh may require some skills, but those tins and preparations are all ready to pop open and enjoy. All you need is the nice bread, and a little glass of Jaja.. (Chilled White preferably )

As an added benefit to their delicious flavors, they also contains huge amount of Omega 3 essential oils. Tasty and healthy all in one.  Fourteen grams of Omega 3 in a single tin of cod liver.  Needless to say this does taste nothing like that rubbishy rancid oil which has traumatized generations…

We are talking culinary delight here…

Try those

POINTE DE PENMARC’H: Monk Liver and fish roe Terrine, Whole monk liver in brine, Beechwood Smoked Cod Liver, – PORTO MUINOS:  Monk liver, – AGROMAR: Silver Hake roe, – BRIOSA: Spiced fish eggs

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One pack costs: €30.00

Check individual tins recipe for possible traces of Allergens

  • Sustainability:
  • Catch area / Method of capture:
    North East Atlantic
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The precise content of this set may vary according to stock