Monk Fish Liver – PENMARCH

With its finesse and sweetness, monkfish liver is the ideal dish for lovers of original flavors! It will be appreciated for its natural taste and its nutritional qualities.

To enhance its iodized taste, monkfish liver is eaten in slices, on toast with possibly a squeeze of lemon, or even with a salad. The oil in the liver may appear in the can as a completely natural orange exudate. The liver has a gray and orange color. Monkfish are caught in the North East Atlantic for a soft texture.

110g Jar Pointe de Penmarch
One pack costs: €8.50
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  • Ingredients:

    Monk LIVER ** 99%, salt. * Origin North East Atlantic ** Lophius piscatorius

    • Sustainability:
      Latin name:Lophius piscatorius
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      Wild, Trawl caught, France
    Fishmongers Tip:

    Enjoy with crispy bread and a squeeze of lemon.