Bacalhau (Salt Cod) in EVOO – MINERVA

Codfish from the North Sea, dry and salted to the Portuguese taste, canned by hand. Seasoned with olive oil and garlic, it has the traditional Portuguese cuisine flavor.

A Greek-Roman mythology figure, MINERVA, goddess of excellence and wisdom, is the patroness of Poveira’s premium brand, conveying its values and products: quality and excellence.

MINERVA was founded in 1942 and since then it always stood out for the superior quality and also for the diversity in flavors and recipes. Its preserves are made with fresh fish, manually selected and prepared, exclusively with the traditional method, to surprise the most demanding palate.

120g Tin Minerva
One pack costs: €4.50

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  • Ingredients:

    Codfish,Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic and Salt

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