Large Anchovies in EVOO – EL CAPRICHO

SUPREME – 00 Premium Size – Cantabrian Anchovies in Premium Extra Virgin Olive oil. Product of Spain. Drained weight: 58 g

(10-12 fillets)

A labor of Anchovies Love…

Caught solely in the Cantabrian Sea (South of the Bay of Biscay) at teh pick of the spring season, those anchovies are salted within hours of landing, and slowly matured in casks for 12-18 months. After curing, anchovies have eliminated all grease and obtained their intense aroma, uniform reddish color, meaty texture and exceptional taste.

They are Wringed out, before hand-filleting, which produce a lower -salt fillet (7.3 grams of salt per 100 grams of anchovy). This process also extends its lifetime, getting a 12 months’ expiry date.

In an age-old process, the filleting is carried out by quick-fingered women that manually boned the fish and canned them, before drenching them in Premium award-winning extra virgin olive oil from:  Castillo de Canena.

The result is a Melt in the Mouth fillet which, like a great wine, will slowly release a fusion of flavor on your palate. Deliciousness.

So no wonder to that Elcapricho ranked overall ninth position at the “101 World best canned product from the sea” and third place in the Anchovy category.

20 Fillets 115g
One pack costs: €17.50

Cantabrian Anchovies in Premium Extra Virgin Olive oil

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