‘Haviorig’ – Fish Egg Spread

Ingredients: FISH eggs (67%), water, sunflower oil, tomato paste, salt, processed corn starch, spices & aromatic plants

A rare and delicious specialty from the country of Douarnenez, the aviorig made from fish eggs and tomato paste, offers a very original taste. Favorite product of our customers, lovers of iodized flavors will be delighted!

Haviorig is eaten on buttered toast. It can also be prepared by mixing it directly with 20% salted Breton butter and adding a squeeze of lemon juice. A marvel as an aperitif!
You can serve it fresh with small hollowed-out tomatoes or hard-boiled eggs filled with crushed yolk and the mixture (3/4 Haviorig, 1/4 Butter). You can also spread it on slices of toast or pass the mixture (3/4 Haviorig, 1/4 Butter) on bread in the oven. In sauce, mix it with mayonnaise and fresh cream to accompany deliciously fresh fish.

80g Tin Pointe de Penmarch
One pack costs: €3.75
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