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Gannet’s Fish Skewers (Organic Salmon & Monk fish ( x 3 skewers)
€29.00 / Kg

Sunshine on the way … We dusted off the Skewing machine… Half pounders (225 g) proper fish skewers…. A meal on a stick, big enough to satisfy any hungry Gannets!..

3x half pounder (225 g ) fish skewer
One pack costs: €20.00

Three big chunks of Organic Salmon, two massive lumps of fresh Monk fish, and a few veggies impaled there and there…

  • Sustainability:
  • Catch area / Method of capture:
    Irish organic grown Salmon , Wild caught Irish Monk fish
Fishmongers Tip:

Add a sprinkle of salt before cooking. Spice them up with Paprika, or marinate briefly with Teriyaki, sweet chili, or Frank's ...