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Garry’s Oyster – XLarge Cooking – Mweeloon Bay (Large 6 pieces)

Stuff of legend…. Every September, we get a call from this man : “Hi stefan, I was looking at the Park, they look good. If you want, I ll have a few ready for you for the Oyster Festival ( Galway) and may be a few more for Christmas…

This Man is Garry Harty, and Garry is mad about Oysters. Oyster farming is a Garry’s passion. His production is small and remains a hobby for Garry who is also a busy and talented bespoke furniture maker. Garry grow his Oysters off Tawin Island, near Maree, and in the Red bank bassin on the Southern shore of the Galway bay in north Co.Clare Bay. One park to grow, one park to fatten and polish.

Garry has given us the BEST OYSTER WE EVER TRIED .. EVER ….not exaggerating and we cracked up our fair share of them over the years.

In some way, we are lucky that Garry is too busy with his furniture making business to go at Oyster production full time, if he was producing them commercially in any large volume, those would snatched by the appreciative markets in Asia where those Oysters would sell as a top end Premium.

Do not miss out on those. Because when they are gone, they are gone… till next year..

1 KG ( 4-6 pieces)
One pack costs: €12.00
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    • Sustainability:
      Latin name:Crassostrea gigas
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      Nurtured in floating basket in Galway Bay