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Kg Monk Fish Fillets (Frozen)
SALE €32.00 / Kg €38.00 / Kg

Clean (membrane off) Monkfish  fillet. Firm texture , mild flavor, 100% boneless, great for stew, fish curries, kebabs or roasted in the pan…  Monk fish must be Cooked or Frozen 24 hours if consumed raw or as a ceviche or Sashimi, (due to possible presences of nematodes parasites on this product)

1 kg or 2 x 500g packs )
One pack costs: €32.00 (Save €6.00)
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    • Sustainability:
      Latin name:Lophius piscatorius
    • Catch area / Method of capture:
      Wild, Trawl caught, Ireland
    Fishmongers Tip:

    Monk fish was once a specie rejected as crab baits and known as the Poorman lobster... It now ranks among the top five wild Irish consumed in Ireland. Monk fish stock are well managed and preserved in Irish waters. Eat more Monk fish