Fish Goujons 500gr (f)

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Our Fish Fingers Can Change From Week To Week depending on catch. Usual species are Ling, Pollock, Black Pollock, Cod, Haddock. Always Wild Irish and Always Fresh!
Did you ever looked at how much fish is contained inside an actual fish finger? Go on, don’t be scared! Yep… that’s why it is labelled “breaded fish” instead of ” Fish & Crumbs”. Our Delicious Fish goujons are 100 % pure Irish caught white fish, boneless & always fresh from whichever specie is in season.

FLAVOUR: Mild to Medium TEXTURE: Firm with Large Flakes

ORIGIN: Rossaveal, Union Hall. Trawl or seine netted

SUSTAINABILITY: Eat More (more info)

COOK IT: Pan fry, grill, bake.

STORAGE: In your fridge 2 to 3 days. Suitable for home freezing

Price per KG: 14.00

One pack costs: 7.00

Fresh fish fingers, no skin, no bones, 500g per pack. (2-3 servings)
Fish come in all shapes and sizes, your portion weight may vary within -/+ 10% of the above listed weight. Never less, usually more!

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