Porto Muinos has became a household name in the EU for their very creative use of Seaweed and unique Organic product range. Based in Galicia , a part of Spain so famed for their Conservas, they could only attempt to preserve seaweed in tins. We had been on the look out for Tinned Seaweed for months before coming across this company while doing some online researching. We tasted them all. some were very strange… We selected the nicest.  Try those out. we loved them. Imported exclusively in Ireland for

– Wakame in Brine & with Mussels and Spring onion, – Sea spaghetti and Garlic Scapes – Seaweed mix with salad dressing, -Tapas de Kombu with paprika and Garlic, – Japanese Sea weed salad

6 Seaweed Tins by Porto Muinos
One pack costs: €22.50
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    Check individual tins recipe for possible traces of Allergens

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      North East Atlantic
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    The precise content of this set may vary according to stock