Brown Shrimp LIVE (s)

cooked shrimp

When size doesn’t matter… Our local Brown Shrimp are the small Irish version of a Tiger Prawn. Smaller but so much flavour. Most of those end up being exported to France… 🙁 . Lets keep some of the good stuff for ourselves.

FLAVOUR: Sweet TEXTURE: Tender and Juicy

ORIGIN: Galway Bay, Pots

SUSTAINABILITY: Eat Moderately (more info)

COOKING QUALITY: Exquisitely sweet

COOK IT: Boil, Fry, Deep Fry

STORAGE: Cook on day of arrival.  Suitable for home freezing once cooked.

Price per KG: 40.00

One pack costs: 12.00

300g Live Irish Shrimps
Fish come in all shapes and sizes, your portion weight may vary within -/+ 10% of the above listed weight. Never less, usually more!

This product is packed live from our tank. Despite all our care, you can expect some mortality during transit. Cook on arrival

STILL SWIMMING! - Check back soon