Brown crab meat (FROZEN)

brown crab meat

White crab meat is the meat from the Claws, Brown Crab Meat is picked in the body and packs up some much stronger flavors.

FLAVOUR: Strong, Rich TEXTURE: Creamy

ORIGIN: Connemara & West Coast: Caught in pots

SUSTAINABILITY: Eat Moderately (more info)

COOK IT: Use it in fish cake, soup, etc…

STORAGE: Store in your fridge for 2/3 days. Not suitable for home freezing.


Price per KG: 20.00

One pack costs: 10.00

500g pack Brown ( body) Crab Meat (FROZEN)
Fish come in all shapes and sizes, your portion weight may vary within -/+ 10% of the above listed weight. Never less, usually more!

This fish is packed from frozen and may defrost gently during transit. Once thawed do not re-freeze. Store and use as a fresh product.