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Promo Set - Shines Irish Tuna in Olive Oil (6 Tins)
Approx : 5x Tins Tuna + 1x Ventresca
Only €25.00 each
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Tuna Stuffed Peppers (Tin)
Approx : 280g
€4.50 each
Approx : 6 Tins Variety Pack
Only €20.00 each
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Bonito Del Norte, Spanish Tuna in Olive Oil, 550g (Large Tin)
Approx : 550g (Drained 350g)
€14.50 each
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Gourmet Pate Trio: Sardine, Lobster & Mussel
Approx : 3 x 100g Tins
€10.00 each
The Pantry Fish Platter
Approx : Each set : Arroyabe pickled Mussels, Smoked Anchovy in oil, Roll mops, Spicy Sardine terrine, trio of salted anchovy,  Premium Mediteranean Sardines in Olive oil.
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Squid Ink Sachets (x6)
Approx : 6 x 4 g sachets
€3.00 each
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Osietra Caviar
Approx : 30g Tin
€25.00 each
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Small Jar of Squid Ink
Approx : 50g Jar
€5.00 each