Mash some potatoes with a bit of chopped kale or baby spinach. (Leftovers work great here too!!!)

Season well with salt & pepper.

In a baking dish lay your FISH MIX and season well. Individual smaller dishes work much better here so there is no messy serving.

Pour over either some heavy cream or freshly made white/bechamel sauce. You need enough to just cover the FISH MIX as it will release its own juices.

Add some grated cheese over the fish if you like.

Top with the mashed potato and bake for 20-30 minutes until the pie is bubbling and the potato is golden brown.

FILO TOPPED FISH PIE – The cheating way!

Get yourself some frozen filo pastry sheets from the store and let them defrost.

In individual oven proof bowls divide fish mix and some grated cheddar.

Make a white sauce or use a bit of heavy cream and spoon over the fish with plenty of seasoning.

Brush the filo sheets with melted butter and in your hands roll them into a loose ball big enough to go over each bowl. They will look like a rose.

Bake in the oven until the filo is golden brown and the bowls are bubbling.

** You can also follow the same method and use a circle of PUFF PASTRY instead sealing the edges with beaten egg.

Price per KG: 15.00
One pack costs: 7.50
Price per KG: 14.00
One pack costs: 5.50
Price per KG: 18.00
One pack costs: 9.00
Price per KG: 26.00
One pack costs: 5.25

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