Many questions… We tried to address the most frequently asked. For the ones we missed, send us a message, or call us.

When is the best time to order my fish every week?

We would rather be selling you fish we expect to have. Our product list gets updated twice daily according to expected landings. The longer you give us, the more we catch. Come fishing anytime but consider 2-3 pm on Tuesday a lucky time for a decent catch of fish.

How fresh is your fish? When is it landed?

Let’s be up front, any fish guy telling you that all his fish are freshly landed this morning is either only selling a handfull of them or is trying to sell you Red Herrings… Our Fish you will receive could have been landed that very morning or caught a couple of days beforehand. The freshness of a Fish relates as much to when was it caught, as to the fishing method used to catch it, how was it cared for, the season, the weather, the Skipper and the boat landing it…We know how to select the best, our reputation is built upon quality and freshness. We only sell you fish as fresh as the ones we enjoy eating ourselves.

Wild Irish caught or Farmed & imports?

We are Hungry Gannets always searching for the best Irish catch. In fact 95% of the fish we source is Wild Irish caught.  A number of species may not be available to us in Ireland, or are only commercially available as farmed. Those are always clearly labelled as and kept apart from our Wild Irish stocks. We sell them because our customers are asking for those, not the other way round…

Is your fish defrosted?

NO… fresh means fresh. We would prefer to close shop than sell you a defrosted “fresh” fish fillet!

A few of our products such as Crabs, Shrimps, or Smoked fish could have been previously frozen. They are always clearly labelled as “Defrosted”, it is good practice and the law (for those who apply it…)

Is your fish sustainable?

Visit our Sustainability page to check our position and policies .

I can't find the fish I'm looking for / I don't know the English name ?

Send us an email to [email protected] with your question, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Or call us on 091 440167. At any given time one of our “International” Fishmongers may be able to advise you in English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, and Americanese.

Or we can blag our way out of it with Google.

Fish Bones..?

All our fillets of White Fish and Farmed Fish are carefully prepared: Scaled, Trimmed & Pinboned by hand. Despite all our care, the odd piece of bone may remain, it happens.

Some small fillets like mackerel, herring, gurnard will usually still have the bones in. These are easily removed after cooking.

If fish bones are a major “bone of contention” in your household, drop us a comment when ordering. We may be able to select for you particular cuts guaranteed bone free. “Everyone should Eat-more-fish”.

Do I have to order online or can I ring my order in over the phone?

If you are having an issue placing an online order Please call us. 091 440167 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Is there a minimum to what I have to order?

The minimum amount is only €15 for Click & Collect – €25 for Home Delivery (Home delivery Option will show when your cart reaches €25

Most of your products are sold by portions, Can I also buy by weight?

Kg or tons… Any quantity & amount purchased, over the phone. Call us 091 440167.

How do I pay? Can I pay by cash when I collect my order?

No sorry, your collection point is only storing your Fish order. Any purchase and payment made online or over the phone 091 440167 is by credit/debit card only.

Do you do Home Delivery and what does it cost?

You can avail of our Home Courier delivery service by DPD. Shipping costs €5.00 anywhere in Ireland (free for orders €50)…this is a limited time launch offer.  Your fish will be shipped in one of our specialized cold chain thermo boxes.  We mainly deliver on Thursday & Friday. Cut-off time is ** 2 pm ** on the day before, however due to some lines of fish coming into us late on a Wednesday your order may not ship until Thursday for Delivery Friday. A Wednesday delivery is possible upon request but our catch may be limited.

When Will My Home Delivery Arrive?

Your Delivery Will Be Sent by DPD. They will contact you on the day of delivery by text and/or email with an estimated delivery time. You can view more information about DPD online at

Is it easy to change or cancel my order?

We will modify, cancel and amend any order as long as it is still on our premises, NOT after it has left. Contact us as early as possible via phone 091 440167.

Do you recycle or take back the packaging?

The logistic to recover any packaging would by far out-weigh the benefit of recycling them. Check with your own recycling provider. They may have a recycling solution for Polyboxes, similar to what we are doing ourselves here at Gannet HQ. Plastic sleeves can be recycled with your own recyclable household waste.

We will be launching a system soon to take back back boxes if you order regularly.

When is my order available for collection?

Your order will be available on the date and time stated when you place your order and within the collection points or markets normal hours of operation.

Can I freeze the fish? Is there anything I can't freeze?

If any of your items have been defrosted this will be clearly stated on the products label. Do not freeze these items. All other fresh whole fish and fillets will be perfect for freezing.. though we will always say it is best to eat fresh.

What happens at the collection point?

Your order will be kept chilled and ready for collection. Simply say hello to the nice person behind the counter and give your  name. It is your sole responsibility to double check that you collect your entire order. Larger orders may be packed in separate bags. Fresh, frozen and live are usually kept separately. If your order has been packed into more than one bag this will be noted (bag 1 of 2, bag 2 of 2, etc…)

The collection point provider has no input or responsibility whatsoever regarding the organisation, preparation of the orders and will NOT be able to answer any queries.  Please contact US directly regarding any questions or issues. on 091 440167.

If you are collecting at one of our market locations feel free to skip the queue and let us know you are just collecting your online order…. it’s already paid for so it’s simple for us to grab it for you.

Click! Collect! Nothing else?

We say click-and-collect is Free and this is it. No hidden cost, nor additional purchases are ever expected at your collection point. Having said that… Feel free to check out what other delicious foods are available to purchase there. is about good food and a community of small food producers working together. This is what makes it a success.

What happens if I forget or can't collect my order on time?

Please contact us directly at 091 440167 if you are having a problem collecting your order. Once an order has left our premises and reached its Collection address it is your responsibility to pick it up. Collection dates and times are clearly stated on your order. Unfortunately little to no leeway is allowed outside these dates and times as agreed when registering with

Fresh is only as fresh as on the day. A day older is less fresh, etc… Some items may not be at the same quality if you collect them the following day. This is especially relevant with live shellfish and crustaceans. It is your responsibility as agreed when registering with to collect your order on the required date.

I am not happy or I had a problem with the order I received!!!

Then we’re not happy either, because no one works harder than us, to make sure our customers enjoy the best fish and service. If for some reasons we got confused with your order &/or made a mistake, we need to hear about it.

Call us at 091 440167 or email [email protected] We will find out how it happened and do our best to make it a happy ending on both sides.

Can I buy frozen fish?

Frozen must always be stored and transported @ -18 degrees C. We specialize in fresh seafood, but if  you happen to be looking to buy any frozen items, please call us directly and we will discuss possible arrangements.

You can also visit us Monday – Friday at Gannet HQ where we have selection of fish at all times in the freezer.