The evenings are getting longer and that means there is plenty of time for a mid-week Whole Fish BBQ.

So get your grill on.. Charcoal or Gas it doesn’t really matter as long as it is hot and you have those bars well oiled prior to grilling.

Small Fish

For smaller fish like Whole Mackerel, Small BBQ Hake, Whole Sea Bass, Red Mullet etc.. you want to season well with Salt & Pepper and liberally oil the fish with some nice rapeseed or sunflower oil. Feel free to tuck in a few lemons and a leaf of bay if you have one in the garden. Cooking of these smaller fish takes only 5-10 minutes per side. It’s even handier if you have one of those tennis racket contraptions from the DIY or Pound Shop for cooking fish. Serve with plenty of fresh salad and bread as well as fresh lemons to squeeze on-top.

Larger Fish

Larger fish take a little more time so they are cooked fully through to the bone. Fish like larger Whole Wild Trout . Whole Pollock, Whole Large Hake etc.. can be cooked directly on the grill as long as you can control the heat and keep it at low to medium. Think roughly 10-15 minutes per side for a 1kg + fish. The easier way would to put that whole fish in a large parcel of tin foil. Create a base layer of thinly sliced onions and lemons and a good bit of oil. Season the fish well and stuff with fresh leaves of parsley, fennel or dill. Add a splash of wine to the parcel and place inside a covered BBQ for 20-30 minutes. Move fish to a serving plate and drizzle over the juices form the foil.