Gannet Fishmongers & Are Closed For The First Two Weeks Of August for our annual holiday =)
The website will re-open on the weekend of August 15th and the Shop and Markets will resume from Tuesday August 18th.
Please note: we will NOT be checking in on our email or voicemail over the break and will respond when we return from our holidays =)
Any outstanding credit or refund requests will be handled upon our return.
Stay Safe,
The Gannet Crew
Price per KG: 15.00
One pack costs: 15.00
Price per KG: 12.00
One pack costs: 14.00
Price per KG: 15.00
One pack costs: 22.00
One pack costs: 3.75
Price per KG: 48.00
One pack costs: 12.00
Price per KG: 99.00
One pack costs: 18.00